Technical Information

We have two different grades of funky vinyl flooring, for both commercial and domestic use. Please contact us for prices as they vary according to the amount ordered and any wastage.

Domestic Grade Funky Vinyl Flooring

Domestic Vinyl Flooring is printed onto a 3mm vinyl which is used extensively as a dance floor.  A non slip laminate is then printed over the top.  Occasionally this can lead to a thin line to appear as the laminate can over lap, however this is not very noticeable in most of the designs as the detail camouflages it, please feel free to contact us should you require more information about this.  Our domestic funky vinyl floor should be cleaned with a mild floor cleaner.

Commercial Grade Funky Vinyl Flooring

G-Floor Graphic is a Durable Vinyl Floor Graphic material suitable for a wide range of applications from P.O.P, Architectural, Automotive and ASI applications. Our Commercial Grade Vinyl Flooring comes in three different finishes, Wood-grain, Ceramic and Coin. It is suitable for:




Trade Shows

Convention Centers

Sports Arenas

Locker Rooms


Movie Theaters

Show Rooms

Whilst we cannot guarantee an exact match between the on screen designs and the print, our printers do a great job!  See the images below for some examples of the print and screen custom vinyl flooring.

Installation Guidelines.

Our Domestic Grade Custom Vinyl Flooring is fitted like any other vinyl.  We would recommend laying flat in the space to be installed for 48 hours before fixing.

Please see the document below for installation guide lines for our Commercial Grade Flooring.  Again we would recommend laying flat in the space for 48 hours to allow the vinyl to customise to the temperature.

G-Floor install new -8-15

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