Inspirational Seaside Flooring Ideas

Our seaside flooring designs will create a real splash in your bathroom.   Extremely popular with both children and adults alike these seaside flooring ideas will really brighten up your washroom!. Tropical fish swim amongst the shipwreck and gold coins spill from the treasure chest. Children, can count the fish or jump over the waves to get to the shower.  Each seaside flooring design tells a story and will dramatically transform your bathtime into a day at the seaside, or a deep sea dive in tropical waters.

Bespoke Seaside Flooring

Our underwater bathroom flooring designs will bring some sunshine into the darkest room. The vibrant colours can be adapted to match an existing interior design scheme.  Previous installations have seen us create designs which incorporate existing tiles.  Deep Blues and Turquoise compliment the vivid yellows in these sunny and uplifting bathroom flooring designs. All our designs are made to order and in discussion with you we will adapt any image to fit your space. This also means you can choose to combine different images add or take out parts of the design and change colours to fit in with your existing interior design scheme. Every seaside and ocean flooring design for bathrooms is completely unique.

We have two different grades of vinyl flooring, for both commercial and domestic use. Please contact us for prices as they vary according to the amount ordered and any wastage. For more information please look at our technical pages.

Our Seaside vinyl Flooring Will:


  1. Our Creative Director has many years experience designing bespoke floors for our clients. Our seaside designs are created in discussion with our clients, making every floor completely unique.
  2. Highly realistic bespoke flooring for domestic and commercial spaces. Bring a taste of the seaside into your home.
  3. Vibrant and realistic water designs are printed on hard-wearing  Vinyl.
If you would like to see the history of Blue Butterfly Flooring’s work, please have a look at Emily Campbell’s Artists Website

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