Galaxy Flooring

Our Galaxy Flooring Designs will create a real sense of depth in your room. Planets, stars and moons all combine to produce truly magical images that will literally bring the universe into your home!  Travel to other planets, star gaze whilst you doze, or watch the shooting stars, with our  calming Galaxy Flooring

Bespoke Colours

All our Galaxy Floors are made to order, we can change colours and move planets around to make sure the floor fits in with your interior design scheme.  This makes each floor completely unique and a real talking point for your friends and family.

We have two different grades of vinyl flooring, for both commercial and domestic use. Please contact us for prices as they vary according to the amount ordered and any wastage. For more information please look at our technical pages.

Where Can Our Custom Vinyl Flooring be Used?

  • Kitchens
    Kids Bedrooms
    All our custom vinyl flooring is designed to order and can suit any area of your home or commercial premises.

Contact Emily Campbell

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