Floral Flooring

These are our amazing true to life floral flooring designs.  Small animals hide, foxes prowl whilst rabbits feed happily on green grass. Abundant with flowers, and mini-beast’s, these custom, floral flooring designs are great for kids rooms and conservatories.  Children can play for hours on these floors, using their imagination; they can set their toys up to create their own worlds, or even a teddy bears picnic.  We can adapt any design to include your child’s favourite animal, or if you have pets these can also become a permanent feature in the design. We can create a path from the door to a bed, or accommodate different colour schemes.

Flooring for Education

These bespoke floral flooring designs can also incorporate elements that will make truly educational flooring.  By counting different mini beasts, or naming different animals, games can be invented. Our Mini-beasts for Real Design incorporates only flora and fauna native to the UK.  If you are taking kids pond dipping, see if they can spot any of the animals on the floor design first.  Check out our latest Wind in the Willows design; perfect for Nurseries our true to life story floors aim to encourage literacy.

Our floral flooring is also great for conservatories, it really brings the out side in!   If you have favourite flowers in your garden, they too can become a feature all year round, just send us a photograph.  A hardwearing, waterproof and easy to clean surface, perfect for the space between the garden and the home.  Our digital print process ensures colours will stay vibrant for years to come, even in direct sunlight.

We have two different grades of floral flooring, for both commercial and domestic use.  Please contact us for prices as they vary according to the amount ordered and any wastage.  For more information please look at our technical pages.

What are Floral Flooring will do:

  1. Each of our floral flooring designs is made from hundreds of different photos, creating a floor that really feels like you are walking in the countryside.
  2. We offer a completely bespoke service for durable flooring. Our floral flooring designs can all be adapted to fit any setting.
  3. Bring the countryside into your home or office with our super realistic durable flooring.
  4. Perfect for Conservatories, Bathrooms, Nurseries and Playrooms.
If you would like to see the history of Blue Butterfly Flooring’s work, please have a look at Emily Campbell’s Artists Website www.emilycampbell.co.uk

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