Educational Flooring

With our Educational Flooring for schools and nurseries you can really transform your classroom.  Children are really stimulated by the realistic images in the designs.  Stepping stones can be added, leading kids from one space to another.  Our mini beasts for real design contains flora and fauna native to the UK.  This floor can be used before or after pond dipping, with kids having to find and identify different mini beasts or flowers.  The Diver design has 10 gold coins hidden within the image.  Children can search them out counting as they go along.  Healthy eating was our inspiration for fruit and veg paradise.  Installed in a school dining room, we hope will encourage kids to eat their 5 a day!  There are many possibilities for creating bespoke educational flooring and if you wanted to incorporate a particular thematic for your class room, we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Bespoke Vinyl Flooring for Schools and Nurseries

As all our vinyl flooring is made to order we can match existing interior design schemes.  If you have a favourite colour or texture we will always try our best to match it.  You can choose from any of our stock designs which can then be adapted to fit your space.  Any of the designs can also be made to be more educational, by hiding gold coins or adding additional images to count and identify.  This means that you will have a completely unique and unusual floor.  Our vinyl flooring has a brilliant and vibrant print quality and is also easy to clean and hard wearing.

We have two different grades of vinyl flooring, for both commercial and domestic use. Please contact us for prices as they vary according to the amount ordered and any wastage. For more information please look at our technical pages.

Where Can Our Custom Vinyl Flooring be Used?

  • Kitchens
    Kids Bedrooms
    All our custom vinyl flooring is designed to order and can suit any area of your home or commercial premises.


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