Bespoke Vinyl Flooring Installations

All our Bespoke Vinyl Flooring is made to order. This means that every floor is created in discussion with the customer.   Previous clients have requested existing floor surfaces disintegrate and float down rivers. Others have requested favourite animals or their own pets reflected in water. Emily started creating custom vinyl flooring for Galleries and quickly realised the commercial potential. Since early Gallery work we have also created custom floors for Schools, Health Centres, Play Areas and Garden Centres as well as many private commissions.

Bespoke Vinyl Flooring

Each design is created using sometimes hundreds of smaller photographs, most of which Emily has taken herself. This means we can cover a vast area without loosing the resolution. All the photographs for the custom vinyl flooring are taken from above, this means you really feel like you are standing in the landscape and gives the floors a very real feel.  Take a look at the impact our bespoke flooring can make in both commercial and domestic settings.  Our bespoke and unusual flooring transforms any space into a stunning visual landscape.  Below is a selection of images showing how our funky flooring can transform a room.

Where can our Bespoke Vinyl Flooring be Used?


  1. Our flooring is all designed in discussion with our clients, making every one unique. We have created floors for play areas, schools, nurseries and gallery spaces as well as kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. From a jungle themed party room to a deep sea inspired fishing room, here is just a selection of our bespoke flooring projects.