Bespoke Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Have a look below at our bespoke vinyl flooring reviews.  Our customers tell us that they have literally fallen in love with their floors – we think this is quite an achievement!

Holly Stevens – A Couture Dress Maker at Wowsers in Your Trousers

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A-MA-ZING! I never knew it was possible to fall in love with a floor! I’m a dressmaker and was renovating a kitchen into a consultation/fitting room for my couture brand, Wowsers In Your Trousers, and commissioned Emily at Blue Butterfly to custom design the floor. She was endlessly patient, understood my budget and practicality needs as a small, home-based business and was a total joy to work with. Her attention to detail was awesome, considering furniture placement and even incorporating butterflies from my wallpaper in an adjoining room into the design so the design flowed through my house. Delivery was quick and I am totally in love my floor – and my customers are wowed as well. Thank you! You rock.

Melanie Byran – Wall Paper and Flooring for Kitchen and Dining Room

Funky Flooring Designs

Nick Wyse – Selfie Floor for House Extension

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Talking T’s of Cambridge

Stephanie Prior – Interior Designer at Heals Department Store

In terms of design, I think you have created a range that is unique and definitely filling in that missing piece in the design/retail industry. Although your designs work amazingly well in healthcare centres, schools etc, I really feel you can offer an amazing and unusual option for residential homes, flats etc. I can definitely see this working in children’s rooms and playrooms, conservatories and even living rooms. 

I just love the way that no matter what angle you look at it or stand it feels as though you are within the scene. It really is pure genius.

Victoria Redshaw – Trend Forecaster for Scarlet Opus

As a Trend Forecaster for the Interiors industry I’m privileged to review the work of International Creatives from diverse disciplines.  I’m often excited, intrigued and delighted by their work but I don’t remember ever feeling Uplifted … until recently when I discovered the work of Emily Campbell.   Emily’s work allows the ordinary and the difficult to be transformed into the extraordinary and the tranquil.  Emily’s pieces are of communities and for communities.  It is accessible artwork that creates a sense of escapism and fantasy and, as you’ll see, even encourages people to play.

 “But in truth it is rare indeed to discover a Designer applying their creativity to this sector and producing something genuinely exciting.  Yes we see this in the area of rugs but beyond that product it’s only very occasionally that I’ve seen flooring that has honestly WOWed me.  Emily’s flooring makes me go “WOW” and it makes me stretch my wonder muscles.”