3D Vinyl Flooring

We would like to introduce our contemporary 3D Vinyl Flooring.  These designs are a new addition to the collection.  They offer an exciting and cool alternative to traditional flooring.  Whatever your hobbies or business, we can customise each design to reflect your trade.  Consequently, paintbrushes, tools, gardening equipment or anything else can all be incorporated into the designs to reflect the use of the space.  These 3D flooring designs create a visual illusion in the floors surface, as a result they bring a sense of excitement and drama to any room.

The Creative Director uses photographs of existing floor materials, for example wood or concrete.  Cracks are cloned onto the flooring using Photoshop. In addition holes and gaps are then created,  revealing a different landscape below the floors surface.

3D Flooring Designed for You

These unique vinyl flooring designs have been used in a hotel’s mens toilets, bathrooms and even a summerhouse. If you have an existing flooring surface that you would like to see in the 3D effect flooring designs, you can send us a photograph and we can match the vinyl flooring with your existing interior design concepts, creating a completely unique floor just for you.

We offer two different grades of vinyl flooring, for both commercial and domestic use. Please contact us for prices as they vary according to the amount ordered and any wastage. For more information please look at our technical pages.

Our 3D Flooring Services



  1. We create funky 3D Flooring from your existing floor surfaces. All our flooring is designed in conversation with you, so each one is truly individual.
  2. Our 3D flooring is both durable and easy to clean, create a real talking point in any setting.
  3. If you want a truly cool and funky floor, look no further than our realistic 3D vinyl, perfect flooring for domestic and commercial settings.
If you would like to see the history of Blue Butterfly Flooring’s work, please have a look at Emily Campbell’s Artists Website www.emilycampbell.co.uk

Email: info@emilycampbell.co.uk | Mobile: 07783 796 416