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International Artist Emily Campbell has created stunning bespoke flooring for 20 years.  Our vinyl flooring is suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces and is hardwearing with an anti-slip surface.  Clients can choose from any of our stock designs, which will then be adapted to make sure it fits the space it is to be installed, this mean every floor is totally unique for each customer.  We have many different designs for you to look through and are always happy to incorporate your own photos into any of the designs.

Blue Butterfly Flooring creates bespoke images for walls and floors that transform spaces into something quite extraordinary. Designs are created in conversation with the client using hundreds of digital photographs to create surreal landscapes for interiors. All the photographs for the flooring are taken from above emulating the sensation of standing in the actual landscape. Through the use of photography the images seek to create a world that on the one hand is real and on the other – imaginary. It is a bit like painting with photographs ‘ Each image is made up of many smaller photographs enabling the creation of surreal and magical scenarios using reality of photography.

Our commercial flooring for schools and nurseries, incorporates educational games.  Children can have hours of fun finding mini beasts, or counting gold coins.  Older children, can try naming as many different animals or insects as they can.

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